Grand Rapids Short Sales-What documents do I need to gather for my West Michigan Short Sale?

Grand Rapids Short Sales-What Documents do I need?Grand Rapids Short Sales-What documents do I need to gather for my West Michigan Short Sale is a question many people ask. You have decided you don’t want your Grand Rapids Home to Foreclose and have decided a short sale is the way to go. You have chosen an agent who is experienced in doing short sales in the West Michigan and Grand Rapids area. Before you call, many like to gather the documents they will need to do their short sale.

You need to understand that the banks want to know EVERYTHING. They may even ask for your first born—ok I am kidding there but they will want your entire financial history. Selling your Grand Rapids Home at short sale requires the bank to know everything about how you are sitting financially. To give them a clear picture of this, you will need to gather several pertinent documents. Collect the following documents and know you may need to update them regularly.

Last two year of taxes-Signed 1040’s with W2’s and any Extensions

Two months Most Recent Bank Statements

Two months Most Recent Paystubs or Proof of Income (Profit/Loss Statement or Unemployment)

Most recent Mortgage Statement (s)

Correspondence Regarding Mortgage Delinquency

These are the documents you should already have on hand to do your West Michigan Short Sale—all you will need to do is gather the information. For some this is easy because they are extremely organized but for others, this is something they will have to work at.

Our next blog will cover what expenses you need to consider and document in order for the banks to consider your Grand Rapids Short Sale.

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9 Responses to Grand Rapids Short Sales-Document needed to start a West Michigan Short Sale?

  1. Tami, this is an excellent post for homeowners inquiring and tentative about the documents needed for a short sale. As grand rapids short sale agents you provide the knowledge and expertise for consumers to go forward correctly with the short sale process.

  2. It is so important for short sale sellers to collect all of these documents and continue to save the updated bank statements every month. In the initial screening process, I’m often surprised to discover how many sellers are interested in a short sale, and then loose interest as soon as they learn have to show the lender all of the financials. As Grand Rapids Short Sales agents, you must get used to identifying the sellers who are truly interested in selling their homes through a short sale transaction.

    Laurie Hellmer

  3. Thank you for sharing your advice as Grand Rapid Short Sale Agents. Its always good to keep interested homebuyers in your area updated and well informed. Keep up the good work!

    Katerina Gasset
    International Properties and Investment Inc
    Wellington Short Sale Agents

  4. This is excellent information for Grand Rapids homeowners considering a short sale. As an experienced Grand Rapids Short Sale Agent, Tami clearly understands the importance of setting the stage for sucess when it comes to short sales.

  5. As an expert Grand Rapids Short Sale Agents, giving tips like this will be very helpful to homebuyers in your area. Excellent post Tami!

    Bob Hertzog
    Summit Home Consultants
    Phoenix Short Sale Agents

  6. Tami, excellent advise from an experienced Grand Rapids Short Sale Agents, especially the part about being prepared to provide multiple times.

    Jimmy Williams
    Eustis FL Homes for Sale
    Eustis Short Sale Agents

  7. This is exactly what clients need to know. Good job, Grand Rapids Short Sale Agents for posting this. With the info you share, you definitely help people, especially the ones in the dark about short-selling their properties.

    Katerina Gasset
    Wellington Short Sale Agents

  8. Very informative! Thanks for sharing this useful information, Grand Rapids Short Sale Agents!

    Petra Norris
    Lakeland Fl Short Sale Agents

  9. Engaging article here Tami.Thanks for sharing an informative and useful article.You’re definitely the finest Grand Rapids Short Sale Agent.
    Christine Pappas
    RE/MAX Results
    Willoughby Oh Short Sale Agents

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